Driving Under the Influence in Walled Lake, Michigan

By March 13th, 2014

DUI Walled Lake

Wow, I only had a few beers the other night in Walled Lake, Michigan. I left the bar right at 2am. Little did I know I was over the blood alcohol content limit in Michigan. My driving and vision seemed perfectly fine to me. When I was pulled over I was immediately given a test where I blew into a tube for 10 full seconds. After I did that the results were in, I was over the limit and was asked to get out of my vehicle. I promptly did that, and noticed some friends of mine drive past my pulled over vehicle. How embarrassing! Bad timing, as I was getting cuffed. Getting a DUI really sucks, but luckily I was able to secure a great lawyer, who is helping me get back on my feet.

Dui Walled Lake

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